Singers Glen

The Singer’s Glen Schoolhouse, circa 1906, is positioned at the top of Glen School Circle overlooking the picturesque village of Singer’s Glen, with a view beyond of hills and the nearby Appalachian Mountains. The classic layout features four large classrooms, two up, two down, flanking a grand central staircase. In 1923 the classrooms were partitioned into small rooms when the house was converted to a residence.

ESA has returned the inside to the original 4 large rooms and has landscaped the irregular grounds. We envision an interior that preserves the four large rooms in a modern open plan and an exterior that provides private quiet living space. The possible need for more interior space suggests the option of a sensitively designed semi-attached addition, connected by a simple glass atrium, that would bring to the inside the beauty of the existing brick walls. The back acreage can be kept as a dense woods or turned into shaded pasture for horses.

We are seeking a client with whom to partner on a design that fulfills the potential of this extraordinary building and its pastoral three acre site.