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Residential Solar Power III: The Passive System

The passive solar system for Double Solar House is designed around three major elements: 1) Lots of glass on the south side. Active systems can often be oriented independently of the house. Passive solar systems, however, make the most sense when a house with lots of glass can be positioned in a direction that maximizes …Read More

Residential Solar Power II: The Active System

Although active solar panels can be just as efficient when installed on the ground, installing them on a roof saves space for yards, gardens, parking, etc. In this case, we called for the panels to be at the very top of the roof so that additional panels could be easily added in the future. Solar panels …Read More

Eugene Stoltzfus Furniture Design’s Lisbon Collection Featured At Saks Fifth Avenue

Architecture and Furniture Firm Embraces Natural Materials and Modern Design In Lisbon Collection, Now on Display at Saks Fifth Avenue New York, NY: Eugene Stoltzfus Furniture Design’s Lisbon Collection is currently on display at Saks Fifth Avenue. The collection features tables, pedestals, and seating, all crafted with the same modern aesthetic uniting the elements of …Read More

Residential Solar Power I: How does it work?

Residential Solar Power at Double Solar House Introduction Double Solar House South Elevation This is the first in a series of three blogs about residential solar power. After this introductory blog, the next blog will be about the active solar systems, with the last blog being a description of how a passive system was integrated …Read More