Eugene Stoltzfus is an architect and designer whose values include ecological responsibility. ESA’s architectural work incorporates “green” concepts such as building orientation, efficient building envelope design, both passive and active solar energy, vegetative roofs, natural daylighting and photovoltaic electricity applications.

In object design, we take significant care in selecting materials, finishes, and the fabrication process to ensure minimal impact on the human and greater environment. We use bamboo, a grass that is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and which is famous for its sustainability. Our cork is responsibly made from cork oak bark that regenerates after harvest with no harm to the tree. The binder used in our cork is FDA-approved, making it safe for contact with children and with food. Our timbers are sourced from sustainably-managed forests and for every tree that is felled we plant an additional three through Arbor Day Foundation. The finish applied to the bamboo, cork and timber is EnviroMax, a GREENGUARD Certified formaldehyde free, environmentally safe sealer.