The clients wanted a small, modern house for weekend getaways that could also entertain guests.  Eugene Stoltzfus Architects seized the opportunity to give their clients the most bang for their buck with the Birdhouse. The floor plan design had a limited size and matched the contemporary values of their client.

The stairs to the loft bedroom serve as a sculptural divider between the kitchen and living space while at the same time providing the back for the sofa.  The top of the storage closet serves as the landing to the loft.

Making the most of wall space, two glass walls were designed that face the view of hills and mountains to the west and north.  These walls work to put the house more in tune with its surroundings, eliminating any feelings of smallness one would feel inside. These glass walls also orient the house away from the large, neighboring house.

The long roof overhang reduces overheating from the west when the summer sun sets, but with no other overhang, the sunlight pours in on all sides as specifically requested of the client.

Kitchen, storage, bathroom with shower, sleeping loft and living/dining area make this a real house that sleeps four. The roof and siding are standing metal seam, blending with the rural sheds that populate this agricultural valley.


Location: Rockingham County, Virginia

Size: First Floor 221 square feet, Loft  90 Square feet