Brittany House is a country home designed to be in tune with its immediate surroundings, the distant views, and the orientation of the sun throughout the seasons. Its location in the Foothill Valley is secluded, yet there are distant views of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east and north. Glass walls welcome these views into the house, and facilitate passive solar heating during the winter.

Generous roof overhangs insure that the south orientation of the glass walls does not lead to overheating in the summer. The spacious roofs accommodate enough out-of-sight photovoltaic solar panels to generate 100% of the electricity used by the house.

The large high living space of Brittany House is the center of daily living and dining. The south and east exterior walls of this generous space are glass while the remaining sides are defined by the North and South Wings and the second-story bridge that connects them. The one-story kitchen, tucked into the North Wing, is open to the large living space yet offers a measure of privacy.

The South Wing of Brittany House is ideal for house guests and their families. Private terraces for the second-floor bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, a media center on the first floor, and a game room on the lower level combine to make the perfect gathering place for families. The North Wing includes a large private master suite and terrace on the second floor, and office space on the first.

Perched atop the two houses, the Observation Drum enjoys a splendid 360-degree view of Foothill Valley, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the stars of the night sky. The drum is divided into two semi-circular spaces: the indoor Moon Room with its fireplace and bar, and the open terrace with outdoor seating and space for a telescope.

Underscoring its privacy, Brittany House is accessed by a cul de sac that wends its way into Foothills Valley. As is typical of ESA residential estates, the scope of human intervention on this site is limited and crisply defined, leaving the surrounding terrain natural and untouched.