The renovation and addition to the Schrock House on a city street were intended to add large modern open spaces for daily use and large south glazing while still keeping the feeling of scale of the original dwelling.

The private functions of bathroom, laundry, and pantry are positioned beside the large open kitchen and family room, separating them from the formal living room and dining room in the original house.

The south glass generates heat in the winter, which is stored in the mass of the lower level concrete slab and the masonry walls of the addition. The north and south ends of the main floor are open to the lower level to maintain communication and to facilitate the natural unaided circulation of the solar heated air throughout.

The generous master bedroom suite incorporates workspace and includes a loft space overlooking the terrace and back yard.

The landscaping was designed to maximize the size of the outdoor terrace while keeping it private. An original mature grape vine was reoriented to a new arbor contributing to the privacy of the terrace during the outdoor season.